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The Scars We Wear are Just Remnants of the Past

If you look at your skin I am sure you will see a few scars that remain from mishaps, accidents or surgeries that remind you of your past. For me I see the scars that remain from my constant itching of those mosquito bites from when I was a child. I can still here my mom telling me to stop scratching.

I also have a scar from when I overpoured the boiling water for my hot chocolate and burned my wrist before church. Although there was pain, I also remember my mom's loving touch as she cared for my wound before and during church. This scar remains from opening a can of chip chopped ham from my years working in the deli. That is the thing with scars, they hurt at first but then they begin to fade and we remember the healing process more than the hurt that caused them.

The same things happen in nature. We recently timbered a section of our woods and in the process there were some trees that were damaged along the way but still remain standing. Those are the survivors. If you walk through the woods you will see how the tree has created a scar to cover the damaged area so it can heal and continue to grow. Some of the scars are on the inside, only to be seen once the timber is cut. That is what happens when we see birds eye maple or burled wood. An insect, or virus, burrows its way into the inside causing havoc that either kills the tree or creates beauty in the healing.

Recently my family experienced a hurt so deep like this river gorge. It feels like this will never heal. Our hearts have been cut and the tears have flowed. My sister had lost her oldest son. This was a tragic loss. One that cut so deep and will take a long time to heal. He took his last breath in the arms of his mama and into the arms of our Lord. It is with sadness that we feel being left to mourn his loss but I imagine he also got to meet his Grandma for the very first time as his E-pa met him with gladness. What is it like on the other side? It is with hope and faith that I believe we will all meet again with all those Spirits in the Sky, however the scars remain on our broken hearts.

It was with joy that I accepted the task of putting together a tribute video for Scotty. I spent hours scouring through old videos and pictures that came to me from family and friends. Smiles and tears filled those hours as I realized the impact that he had on so many people. His dedication to his family, his friends and his country could be seen in every single memory. He loved music, adventure and story telling. Of course those adventures just made his story telling more elaborate! It is going to take time for this scar to heal, however my life has been made more beautiful by sharing a part of it with Scott.

Don't be afraid to go on adventures, love deep and laugh hard - those scars will remain and remind us of the life shared with others.

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