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The idea of coating nuts came out of necessity when we were learned we would be having guests coming to dinner and we needed something sweet.  What did we have?  We had a bag of nuts and lots of maple syrup!  Combine the two and we created an awesome appetizer for our guests.  


These are available in four different sizes based on your needs and SELF CONTROL! 

Snack Size - Great for throwing in your purse, gym bag or office desk.  These are single serving and are great to create self control.

Share Size - Typically 2-3 servings in a bag.

Family Size - Need a bag large enough for a family gathering, the family size has 6-8 servings per bag.

Bulk Package - Buy by the pound.  This is perfect to stock your pantry and have available for baking, salad toppings or snacks around the house.  

Maple Sugar Coated Nuts

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