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It Takes A Lot of Heat To Make it Sweet

Maple Syrup Products and Biltz Family Favorites


About Us

Sweet Fire Sugar Bush originated from our love of being outdoors and commitment to an all natural, self-sustaining lifestyle. Join our mission, striving for the best possible products with the least impact on our environment. Thoughtful packaging, reduced waste, and attention to detail is what you will find with Sweet Fire.


We are a family-run, woman-led business, operating on our 85-acre family farm in Glenmont, Ohio. We make small batch products for your enjoyment, because that is what is important to us.


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Making Maple Syrup   Virtual Field Trip

Making Maple Syrup Virtual Field Trip

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Skillet Station Cast Iron Display Rack

Skillet Station Cast Iron Display Rack

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It's Maple Syrup Time

It's Maple Syrup Time

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“Not only do you get great syrup but you also get to take home the piece of mind that Sweet Fire Sugar Bush is a family owned business that’s not focused on quantity, but quality and building relationships. Every bottle has a family member or close friend’s effort put into it. This business “sticks” relationships together through hard work and helping and teaching each other along the way. The day I took home some syrup came with a whole lot more value than just a pancake topper. And lastly, Brussel Sprouts taste pretty good now with a little syrup on them! ”



“Every year I send out over 100 gifts to my clients. This year I sent out the maple syrup and I have never had such great feedback!. Rave reviews from my clients and from my family as well!.. great product, great service ❤️. ”


"Sweet Fire Sugar Bush maple syrup and maple sugar have become pantry staples in my kitchen. As an enthusiastic home cook and baker, I use Sweet Fire Sugar Bush items in a variety of recipes including: marinades, salad dressings, baked goods, smoothies, granola, and as a delicious topping to our favorite Sunday morning pancakes. These days, there is a great desire to know more about the ingredients we are consuming. I’ve been fortunate to have visited the Biltz family’s local maple syrup farm and it is inspiring to see the meticulous care and love that these wonderful folks put into creating the best maple syrup around. I know I’m getting a top-of-the-line product that my entire family adores. ”

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